My book – The Men Behind the Curtain

If you like this blog, consider supporting it by buying a couple of my novel, The Men Behind the Curtain:

When an intercepted email sends CIA field agents John Donovan and Ryan Hale on a snatch-and-grab mission to Switzerland, they stumble into the midst of a plot that threatens the very foundation of American democracy. A powerful coalition that includes the founder of the world’s leading mercenary company and a billionaire cable-news magnate has wagered billions on a hand-picked candidate for the Presidency only to discover that some things cost more than money.

Discredited and on the run after failing to prevent the most fanatical member of the group from stealing a deadly nerve agent, the two agents must find a way to save both themselves and the Presidency with little more to help them than a frosty intelligence analyst, the money in their pockets, and the type of skills entrusted only to the most elite warriors.

Their enemies will stop at nothing to achieve their goal: to buy, spin, cheat, or kill their way to the White House. In a whirlwind chase along the Eastern seaboard, will Donovan and Hale survive to pull back the curtain? And will the President?

Zach Drennen’s debut novel is a story ripped from the headlines about spies, politicians, money, and people who will spare no effort or expense in order to win. Do you want to look behind the curtain?

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