The Middlebury College Student Divestment Panel

On Sunday, April 28th, I had the opportunity to join six other Middlebury students for the student panel on divestment. If you missed it, the college has posted it online so that you can watch it here.

Note: the opening statements are way too long (I had pushed for them to be capped at 3-4 minutes, but they were much, much longer) and that part of the panel is somewhat deadly. (It’s also hard to hear the student reaction to the statements, so it sounds like literally nobody laughed at my jokes.) If you want to see what I had to say, skip ahead to 34:40. I speak again at 1:06:15 to rebut some of the claims made by the other panelists. Starting from 1:19:00 onward, it moves onto a Q and A and gets slightly more lively.

Also, at 1:07:40 I incorrectly referred to the investment firm that manages our endowment as “Divesture.” This was a slip of the tongue, not an attempted joke. The firm’s actual name is “Investure.”

And at 1:18:30 Jeannie claims to have a “binder full of studies” on Divestment, at which point it was very hard not to make a “binders full of women” joke.


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