We’re not doomed, I swear.

Some of you may know that my dad and I are working on a book about energy policy this summer. We’re not trying to write a textbook or tell you how we’re all doomed, partly because that would be depressing but also because we believe it’s true. This is supposed to be a book for a general audience. There is a lot of cause for hope where energy is concerned, and we’re hoping to bring some of these success stories to light (or life?). Here’s an excerpt from the introduction:

. . . We so often hear depressing news about the environment: an oil spill that threatens the livelihoods of millions of people and the lives of millions of animals; industry practices that may contaminate wells across rural Pennsylvania; mountain tops disappearing so that the minerals inside can be extracted; a climate shifting under our feet. . . Do we have the technology, and the will, to prevent catastrophe while maintaining the lifestyles that we’ve come to take for granted? Is it years in the future, or is it out there right now?

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