The Season Finale: What kind of year has it been?

This has been a riveting year for politics.  Since we arrived in the fall, Congress passed the following important legislation. We suffered through months of coverage of the Republican primary only to have the candidate win that everybody would have predicted in 2009. The Supreme Court brought back the terribly productive debate about the health care law, which both sides argue fairly, eloquently, and reasonably. A bunch of hipsters sat in a park in New York demanding unlimited data plans for their iPhones (at least, that’s what I think that was about). Newt Gingrich was not elected President of the moon, or anything on earth. Also, the Republican majorities in several states passed laws mandating that women who want an abortion must first have a nine inch probe shoved inside of them to take a picture, a treatment that I imagine Rick Santorum requests on a fairly regular basis.

Here are some things that I’ve wanted to say all year, but haven’t quite gotten the chance:

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Free Speech for SGA Candidates

The SGA at this school has some of the most restrictive election laws that I’ve ever seen, and they’ve turned away candidates who might otherwise add to the process. Even though he clearly violated the existing rules, it’s patently absurd that Fif Aganga ’13 was disqualified from this year’s SGA Presidential election. If he broke the law, then the law must be changed. Today—election day, conveniently—I call on both candidates for President and on the candidates for Senate to agree to rewrite the election bylaws before next year to remove the onerous and unnecessary limitations that last year’s bill imposed on free speech.

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