Reagan raised the rates

The other night a friend of a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while came up to me at a party.  “So,” he said, “what’s it like being one of the five other Republicans on campus?”  I laughed.  “I’m not. Sorry to disappoint you.”

I often come off as relatively conservative on this campus, which is a bit of a challenge when I’m supposedly writing the “liberal” column. My discomfort with the more radical of political and social movements here means that I often find myself more comfortable with friends who are actually Republicans; had I grown up in a different political climate, I probably would have been one myself. At heart, I’m a fairly conservative person. I could never have been a hippie even to the modest extent that my parents were: I don’t think I look good with a beard or with long hair, I don’t like to smoke and I like to wear nice clothing. I believe in balanced budgets, I’m not a fan of the unions that cripple our education system and our economy, and I believe that American power has a legitimate place on the world stage. But although I developed a bit of a man crush on Jon Huntsman throughout the primary process, I could never actually vote for a Republican for a major party office, at least not in today’s climate.

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